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    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 20.00%
    OG Laboratories

    Want to be part of the OG CBD success story?

    Want to earn some extra money to fund that next trip, buy some new gear, raise money for a good cause or any
    dream you have that needs extra funds. Become an OG CBD Marketer by telling your friends and associates about OG Laboratories. You then earn commission on purchases made by them for up to 30 days after they visit so let's partner up. 

    What is the OG CBD Marketing Program?

    Tell your friends and people you think would love our product and refer them to through your referral link. If they buy any product within 30 days of visiting the site you receive a 20% commission (excluding shipping, taxes, returns and gift vouchers), paid out to you at $500. It’s that easy.

    The more active you are in referring people, the more you earn.

    You could:

    1. Write a product review on the gear you have just purchased from OG Labs.

    2. Add a banner or block ad to your site - supplied by OG and instantly downloadable when you join the program.

    3. Do a general rave about OG Labs, the quality and suitability of our product.

    4. Follow @OGLaboratories on Instagram and get active in reposting.

    5. Get creative and find ways to encourage your friends and associates to check OG Labs out.

    The more active you are in referring people to OG CBD, the more you will earn.

    We give you all the tools you need to track your sales and commissions.  We handle all the processing, postage and customer service. All you have to do is place a link (which we give you) on your email, website, blog, Instagram, Twitter feed or YouTube page and promote the good things about OG Laboratories.